Always going somewhere, doing something or just being busy or “shoulding” myself to be busy.

Wasting time busying myself on Netflix, Facebook. Looking for affirmation, connection on social media.

Can barely find what I need. Barely satisfied. Grief in the backdrop filling in the spaces.

If I pause… if I let myself be still…


DEEP calls to deep.

in my mind’s eye I lay resting in the deep water on the sand below. Some coral, some fish, some seaweed near by. Cool green water flows around my body, my head my face. Here I am loved.

Expectations, fears and worries float away above in the gentle current. Ahhh rest…

Even here I am with you. Surrounded. Touched. Known. Loved.

when I wake, I am still with you. Then I start to flit around like a busy fish out of water. Between my rushing here and there a song forms on my lips and the tune stirs up from deep within me.

And it’s all about You.