A friend asked me recently if I had been writing. I had only been journaling I told her. She encouraged me to write and share my writing. After some thought, I decided to try putting it out there.

Here, my name is Sally, taken from the French language and meaning “to leap”. When I was a little girl playing make believe, I would often name my dolls and characters Sally. The meaning of the name resonates with how I am feeling about blogging.

I am happily married to a gentle, kind, private man who does not like to put much out there on the internet. We have three living children and two little sweeties that have “gone ahead”. Our three living children are healthy, full of life and wonderful imagination. They are also very kind. I love that about them.

We have all recently watch the BFG together and that is where the blog name came from: “blogwoggle”.

This blog will be honest. It will include thoughts on my faith, life and love.

I hope this blog will encourage someone. I hope it might make someone smile. It might make someone cry and that is ok too.

Or maybe it will just be read by my kids one day and that is also beautiful and perfectly good.

Thanks, enjoy, peace out.