I have been tossing around the rational for blogging lately. My husband and I blogged while our daughter was in the hospital. It was our way of keeping friends and family up on what was going on with her. It was our hope that people would read it and pray for her and us and journey with us. My husband often tells people “we are not bloggers” but we did blog at that very sacred and significant time in our lives.

So now I wonder why I might blog. Who would read this? I can think of who would- the friend who asked me if I was still writing after she had read our blog about our daughter. I wonder if that blog was read because people cared about us. Also when a person is so on the crux of this life and the next, it draws people. Deep things draw me, I know that.

I have a friend who started a family adventure blog. I think she is BRILLIANT. Our family loves adventuring and my friend just made it her job! It is very handy to reference her blog if you like family adventure:

I don’t even know if I will post this or let anyone know that I am blogging. I’m not sure the purpose yet. But if this blog does get read at some point, I hope it might encourage someone along the journey of this life.

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